NSpine Industry Partners

NSpine is proud to have established excellent professional relationships with the MedTech and Medical Education industry and acknowledges the tremendous wealth of know-how and commitment to education that is contributed to NSpine.

NSpine industrial partners provide support of our educational programs throughout the year. Their contribution to NSpine with knowledge, professionalism and sponsorship allows us to build the innovative educational programs NSpine has become know for.


For more information on our industrial partnership program please contact Gabriella Gazzoli, NSpine Corporate Partnerships Manager: gabriella.gazzoli@nspine.com

Meet Our Industry Partners

NSpine is grateful for the support from our Industry Partners who have contributed to our mission in delivering innovative and immersive learning experiences.

Thompson Surgical Instruments

Thompson Surgical is a leader in spine exposure and the original manufacturer of the table-mounted retractor.  We understand the value of exposure in surgery and are dedicated to providing innovative, high quality systems that deliver safe, versatile, and low-profile retraction. From MIS to open, we offer unlimited customization and safe, independent, retraction.


OrtoWay AB was founded in 2007 by a group of experts in biomaterials, spinal surgery and medical technology who were looking for ways to improve anterior surgery and implantation of spi- nal prosthesis in the lumbar region. The developer behind the OrtoWell® Distractor System, OrtoWay is currently a Swedish privately held medical technology company that is seeking partners for commercialization. The OrtoWell® instrument has CE marking for medical devices in Europe and is approved for usage as a Class 1 Medical Device in the USA. The product will be made available through OrtoWay LLC, an independent company based near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.


Medability, based in Germany, develops high-end surgical simulators that enable surgical training. So that actual spine surgeries can be performed on real patients with confidence. SimBone is the latest solution to perform MIS surgery training. This high-end hybrid simulator combines highly realistic simulated medical imaging with lifelike synthetic anatomy models.


Realists is a provider of technologies and services for educational purposes in the field of spine surgery. Their lifelike training systems mimic the living organism and are therefore visually and haptically realistic to the maximum. Together with a scientifically based training concept they make every training a successful learning experience.

Spinal SUrgery News

Spinal Surgery News features news, opinions, events, reviews, product information and a wide range of peer-reviewed scientific material of interest to specialist spinal professionals. The website has several eminent editorial contributors guiding its content and the team works closely with the industry to ensure it remains useful and relevant.

Aigora helps clinicians make their medical data accessible to AI researchers and developers in compliance with data protection regulations. The Munich-based startup puts in place a framework to overcome the complexities of data extraction, curation and secure sharing. Contributing data to Aigora’s multi-institutional databases lays the ground for more robust AI. Re the newsletter I could imagine the following: NSpine is delighted to support Aigora in building a multi-institutional database of full spine x-rays for the development of medical AI systems. Please contact Christian Ludwigs (christian@aigora.de) for further information on this exciting project.

Coligne Spinenuances

Carbon composite technology for spine fusion. ostaPek® implants introduce high-performance long fiber carbon composite material to spine fusion. Based on fiber pattern design specific to each indication, surgeons and patients can now consider treatment options not available based on traditional methods and materials.


eccElearning provides online spine education for surgeons, fellows, residents, physiotherapists and radiologists. Benefit from over 2000 years of combined spine surgery experience from 130 spine faculty, 180 Lectures, 350 self-assessment tests, 9 Module Examinations, 8 live case-based Tutorials. All Lectures are CME accredited by the EACCME, and the European Spine Journal endorses the Diploma in Spine Surgery. Study from anywhere in the world, on your time, at your pace, and learn more spine online


For more information on our industrial partnership program please contact Gabriella Gazzoli, NSpine Corporate Partnerships Manager: gabriella.gazzoli@nspine.com

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